The Oceania Under 20 trophy saw Samoa and Tonga face off in a 2 day event. Tonga were able to defeat Samoa after being down 19-3 at halftime to win 20-19 on day 1 of the tournament. Samoa however were able to get their revenge on day 2 in a contest with high drama. Samoa were able to outlast Tonga winning 8-5 which lead to the overall points total of the 2 day tournament being 27-25 in favour of Samoa. Congratulations to the Samoa Under 20’s on their win.

Throughout the 2 day event numerous developmental workshops were held for both teams. Pacific Rugby players heavily supported these workshops with our own CEO, Hale, leading a workshop on Agents, Mental Health and Social media.

We at Pacific Rugby players were extremely proud to be involved with this event and look forward to the continuation of the tournament.





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Article written by:
Kace O’Neill & Vanessa Leota