Recent changes at Pacific Rugby players has seen the appointment of Valentine Tauamiti as the newest member of the board. Valentine is an excellent addition to the team at Pacific Rugby players with his extensive on the field experience and his involvement in the non-profit sector off the field.

Valentine gave us a run-down on his illustrious career in the non-profit sector where he specialized in health/well-being education.

“I have spent over a decade working with predominantly high school and academy aged students, with spells away playing and coaching in Ireland/Europe. I am currently the CEO of Attitude Youth Charitable Trust, the largest external health educators in Secondary Schools in New Zealand. I am a passionate rugby fan, and believe that sound governance provides a framework for a successful organisation.

Valentine has had a number of successful experiences on the rugby field throughout his playing career and believes that it has given him a plethora of opportunities as well as a unique outlook on life.

“Rugby has created opportunities to travel the world, for personal growth, and broadened my world view and outlook on life. It has provided me with access to a global network of like-minded people, who have become the best of friends and my family away from home. I consider myself to be a student of the game, who has reaped the reward of good preparation and opportunity”.

With all of Valentine’s prominent moments on the field, none eclipse suiting up for his local club side.

“I loved my time playing in Ireland, but found it just as rewarding pulling on my club strips for Sydenham Rugby Club and Auckland University RFC”.

As far as Valentine’s ambitions go for his time at PRP, he hopes to strive towards serving the people and the game of rugby that has offered him so much throughout his life and career.

“My hope is to serve our people and game, by growing our education space and opportunities to play professional rugby. I look forward to assisting Hale in the great work he already does at a grass roots level. It is vital that we are player centric in all that we do, and therefore we must be connected to the community we serve”.

One of Valentine’s goals is to implement clear and accessible pathways for young Pasifika athletes hoping to provide for their families, with Valentine’s vast experience with the Youth through the non-profit sector it is clear that this goal will quickly come to fruition.

“We would love to create a more visible and tangible player pathway for young Pasifika who are wanting to use their talents to provide for their families, explore the world, and safely navigate life after rugby”.

We are super excited to welcome Valentine to the team and we look forward to accomplishing his and our goals.





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Article written by:
Kace O’Neill & Vanessa Leota