Agent Accreditation

Agent Accreditation 2019-11-04T12:16:15+13:00

Pacific Rugby Players (PRP) has provided a common set of regulations for agents acting on behalf of players in the Pacific Islands.

Download the PRP Agent Charter Here:
PRP 2019 Charter


PRP provide extensive education to young pre elite players and established professionals regarding player agent conduct and contracts. It is the PRP Accredited Agents list that players are directed to when looking for a trusted agent or to validate any rugby career approaches from agents.

The process of becoming an agent is subject to the following requirement:

1. Individual agent applies for accreditation via PRP website
2. Submit Application, CV, Agency Player Agreement and Player Activity Report
3. Attend interview if applicable (video conference available)
4. Upon approval – pay annual fee of $450 NZD.
5. Agent added to PRP Accredited Agents List
6. Attend an annual agent workshop (either in person or via online modules).


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