We are engaged to equip players with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their professional rugby careers, their lives outside of rugby, and to lead positive and fulfilling lives beyond their playing days.  

We encourage our players to make the most of their talents and opportunities, to keep developing themselves in all senses, to plan for their futures and to be positive contributors to their communities. 

Pacific Rugby Players


We provide education for young aspiring players and their families about interacting with player agents and clubs, understanding employment contracts, and the life and demands of professional rugby. 

We provide pre-departure education for players who are transiting to an overseas club. 

We are here to assist players in their interactions with player agents, clubs, coaches, doctors, sponsors etc. 

We offer transitional guidance to players as they navigate their way between competitions and teams, and elite rugby environments.


Career and Education 

It is important for players to keep their rugby careers in perspective. Professional rugby careers are relatively short, so players are encouraged to maintain a balance between focusing on rugby and maintaining other pursuits and interests. It is important to continue to develop themselves in other areas. A rugby career is a period of time presenting players with the opportunity to prepare for life beyond rugby. 

We are trained to assist players to identify and prepare for careers outside of rugby.  

  • By identifying skills players enjoy performing and matching them with jobs where these skills are typically performed,  
  • we help players identify careers that are likely to be engaging and fulfilling.  
  • We then assist players to identify opportunities to upskill and prepare for these careers.  
  • Utilising our global alliances, we look to introduce players to valuable contacts to help them learn, develop, get employed and be successful. 

We assist players to develop their CV and learn job search skills. 

We assist players to develop their business or project ideas. 

We organise and present talanoa and workshops as learning and development opportunities for players. 



Sound financial management is critical for players to capitalise on their rugby careers, prepare themselves for their transition out of the game, and prepare for their futures. 

We provide financial education and guidance to encourage players to budget, save and invest. 

We assist players to access specialists in wealth management, tax, asset protection, insurance, and superannuation.  


Personal Skills 

We look to positively influence players to have a growth mindset. We assist players to seek and engage in further learning and personal development to increase their capabilities and opportunities. 


Family and Faith 

A holistic approach to well-being is needed for players to maximise their potential and maintain consistency on the field. We help players and their families settle into new communities and find fellowship and places of worship. 


Health and Mind 

We prepare players with knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their mental health and personal wellbeing.  

We are a point of call for players to reach out for support and guidance.