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Pacific Rugby Players

A collective voice of the rugby players of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Cook Islands.

Young & Emerging Players

Pacific Rugby Players can provide guidance and support to young players and their families.

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Professional Players

We represent more than 400 professional players globally.

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Families & Partners

We provide the information to help their son, daughter or relative make the right decisions for their career.

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We are the voice of Pacific Rugby Players.

Pacific Rugby Players represent the collective welfare of current and emerging professional Pacific Island rugby players across the world.

Established in 2013, Pacific Rugby Players looks after the collective welfare interest of male and female national representatives of the Fiji, Samoa and Tonga as well as the many pacific island professional rugby players worldwide. Pacific Rugby Players aims to ensure that both current and former players contribute to the success of Pacific Island Rugby both on and off the field.


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If you are a current or former player who needs help or advice, please get in touch with us. We may be able to help and anything you discuss with us and we will respect your privacy at all times.

PRP understands challenges arise both on and off the field for our players and their families so we established the PRP Foundation. This foundation is an accessible fund for players and their families in times of need whether it be during or post their career.

If you are a player requesting support, please fill out the form: