PRP’s Natanya Potoi hosts events for our Samoan Players

On August 9th at 11:00 am, the HPU Academy Field became the venue for a session attended by 11 women from the HPU Academy. Alongside their coach and physio, they gathered to learn about Pacific Rugby Players (PRP) – an organization dedicated to supporting Pacific rugby players. This session provided valuable insight into PRP’s mission and objectives, empowering the attendees with knowledge about the resources available to them.

The Rugby 7’s Team session, held on August 16th at 7:00 am, brought together 18 players and management. During this session, the team delved into the role and objectives of PRP, ensuring that they were well-informed about the organization’s purpose and how it could potentially benefit them.


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Article written by:
Kace O’Neill & Vanessa Leota