Rugby in Samoa is set to see a boost as Natanya Potoi steps into the role of Player Development Manager. With an extensive background in anti-doping and a deep understanding of athletes’ needs, Potoi is all set to champion Samoa’s promising rugby talent.

Excited to Make a Difference

In discussing her new role, Potoi emphasized her excitement about the prospects ahead. Firstly, she is looking forward to working closely with athletes. Their drive and constant striving for improvement serve as sources of inspiration, she explains.

Secondly, her role will entail aiding these athletes in achieving their potential. This presents a thrilling opportunity for her to play an instrumental part in their journey to success. Seeing an athlete achieve their dreams is immensely rewarding, and Potoi is eager to contribute to that.

Thirdly, Potoi relishes the chance to create an impactful difference in the lives of these athletes. By guiding their development and aiding in the overcoming of various challenges, she will make a positive and lasting influence on their future.

A Close Observer of the Field

As an involved and active observer of the sport, Potoi last watched a live rugby match on the 13th of May, a fierce contest between Manuma Samoa and Junior Japan during the World Rugby Pacific Challenge, held in Apia, Samoa. Such engagements keep her closely knitted with the dynamics of the sport and the athletes.

Leveraging Past Experience for Athlete Development

Potoi’s past experiences serve to inform and empower her new role. Her tenure in anti-doping has instilled in her the significance of integrity and honesty within sports. These qualities are not only important for an athlete’s personal growth but also for upholding the image of the sport itself.

In her new role, Potoi aims to impart these values to the athletes she will work with, promoting clean play and a fair sporting spirit. Her past experience has also equipped her with the skills to work with athletes from diverse backgrounds and cultures, helping to foster trust and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

In essence, Potoi sees her role as a personal development manager for rugby as aligned with her anti-doping work: both roles aim to help athletes become successful leaders and advocates for themselves and their sport.

Overall, Potoi’s rich experience will prove invaluable in her new role as she sets out to guide Samoa’s rugby talent to their full potential, instilling values of integrity, and inspiring them to be influential leaders in the sport and beyond. With such dedication and expertise, the future of Samoan rugby appears to be in excellent hands.

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Article written by:
Kace O’Neill & Vanessa Leota