Frank Lomani who currently plays for the Fijian Drua in the Super Rugby pacific competition has recently been appointed to the Pacific Rugby players board. Frank is a strong representative for the players and is a staunch leader for the Drua on and off the field, he cares immensely for the local youth in Fiji and is a great role model for them to look up to.

Frank grew up in Fiji and honed his exceptional skills to become a very talented halfback. Frank  started with the Drua in 2017 when they played in the National Rugby championship he then had a 2 year stint in Super Rugby with the Melbourne Rebels until he reunited with Fijian Drua in the 2022 season quickly becoming a beacon of leadership, skill and hard work for his teammates and community.

Frank is excited to be involved with PRP and is happy with the work that PRP does for the wider pacific community.

“​​Happy to be on the board to be the voice of Fijian players especially for players on the island. PRP has been a great vehicle for the players and the Drua to get their message across to FRU or the Drua management.”

Pacific Rugby players CEO Hale T.Pole believes that Frank will bring great insight to the board on behalf of the players. “We’re happy to have Frank come on board. He is a great leader and is well respected within the rugby community, Drua and in Fiji. He is not afraid to stand up for the players.”

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Article written by:
Kace O’Neill & Vanessa Leota