Faka hingoa fo’ou (We have a new name)

Kuo liliu ‘a e hingoa ‘oe PIPA ki he Pacific Rugby Players ke ne fakafofonga’i lelei hotau kakai mo honau le’o. ‘Oku fiema’u ‘e he kau va’inga ‘ae kautaha ni ke fakaho’ataa mai honau ‘uhinga moe lea ‘oku nau alaanga ki ai.

‘Oku fakalele ‘ae Pacific Rugby Players ‘e he kau va’inga ke malu’i mo tanumaki ‘a e ngaahi me’a ‘oku nau loto taha ki ai. Ne nau ‘ilo’i ‘a e mahu’inga ke mahino’i ‘e he kau va’inga ‘oku ‘o nautolu ‘a e kautaha pea ko kinautolu kau va’inga oku nau tataki mo fakalele ‘a e Pacific Rugby Players.

Ne ongo’i ‘e he kau va’inga koe tuukunga ko ‘eni ‘oku katoi ia he hingoa fo’ou mo hono tala. ‘Oku katoi he tufunga’i ‘oe faka’ilonga’i ‘o e kautaha(logo) ‘a e me’atau tuku fakaholo ‘a Polinisia pe povai ‘a ia ‘oku ne fakafofonga’i ‘a e kau tau fakaeonopooni ‘oku ho’ata mai mei he kau memipa. Ko e tala ‘o hono taa ‘o e lea koe kupesi ‘oku lalanga ke ne fakafofonga’i ‘a e ‘alunga ‘o e mo’ui (‘aia koe ‘akapulu ko e konga si’i pe ia ‘e taha ‘o e ‘alunga mo’ui). Koe ngaahi laini ‘oku ne fakafofonga’i ‘a e ngaahi fonua Pasifiki, Haamoa, Tonga, Fisi mo Cook Islands. Ko e laini hono ua kotoa pe ‘oku ‘i ai fo’i fakapona ‘e 15 ‘a ia ‘oku ne fakafofonga’i ‘a e timi.

Hale T Pole (Board Member – Pacific Rugby Players)

PIPA has changed its name to Pacific Rugby Players to better reflect our people and our collective voice. The players wanted their organisation to portray who they are and use the language that they can relate to.

Pacific Rugby Players is run by the players to protect and support their collective interests, the players feel it is important that all players should understand that they own the organization and it is the players who lead the direction and operation of Pacific Rugby Players.

The Players feel that this ideal is better captured in our new name and brand. The new logo design is a take on a traditional Polynesian weapon or club symbolic of the modern warrior ethos our members have. The design motive within the lettering is a simple woven pattern representing the circle of life (rugby career is only one small part of a players’ life), the linear marks denote the Pacific nations of Samoa, Tonga Fiji and Cook Islands. On every second row are 15 notches that represent the team.

Fiji 7’s Team honoured by peers as 2016 Pacific Island Players’ Player of the Year.

2016 Pacific Island Players’ Player of the Year Award Winners

Fijian Players Player of the Year – Osea Kolinasau

Tongan Players Player of the Year – Tane Takulua

Samoan Players Player of the Year – Alafoti Faosilivia

Pacific Island Players Player of the Year – Fiji 7’s team

February 14th 2017 – On the back of their unprecedented achievements in 2016 the Fijian 7’s team players have all been awarded the overall Pacific Island Players Player of the Year Award for 2016.

To view video of the award winners in action please click here

The success of the Fijian 7’s team in 2016 by winning both the World Sevens Series over a gruelling 10 tournaments and then going on to win the ultimate prize in Rio has cemented their place in Rugby history. Their on-field achievements were breath-taking and their conduct as young sportsmen enhanced the reputation of the region throughout the world.

Alafoti Faosilivia won the Samoan Players’ Player of the Year Award after a strong 2016 starting all 6 test matches for Manu Samoa. Tane Takulua continued his rise as a world class half back and took his game to new heights in 2016 for the Ikale Tahi. Osea Kolinasau won the Fiji Players Player of the Year, his consistency of play and outstanding leadership has left an imprint in the history of Fiji and Pacific Island Rugby to mark what was a truly remarkable year.

PIPA board member and former Ikale Tahi loose forward Hale T Pole paid tribute to the award winners, “there are few greater honours than to receive recognition from your peers for the hard work that goes into consistently performing on the international stage, on behalf of all the Pacific Island Players we congratulate the Fijian 7’s team, Osea, Tane, and Alafoti for their outstanding contribution to pacific island rugby during 2016.”

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